We take maximum care. You feel maximum confidence.

You can trust us to look after your investment and find great tenants for your property. Being property owners ourselves, we know how it feels - so you can be rest assured in the knowledge that we are taking maximum care on your behalf.

Why use a property manager ... because renting properties is our business. 

icon customised service
  • Customised Service

  • Max Property Management provides you with a customized and personal service, whether you have a property portfolio, or a home owner moving to another city for a year.

  • As property investors ourselves, we appreciate that you want to maximise your return and maintain the value of your property.

  • Communication is critical to us and we will be in touch if there is something you need to know. We are details-driven, so we make sure we have good knowledge of each property.

icon collection of rent
  • Collection of Rent

  • There is zero tolerance on rent arrears.

  • Owners are credited rent payments (less commission and any repairs) twice-monthly.

icon property inspections
  • Property Inspections

  • We consider property inspections to be an integral part of managing a property. With regular and thorough inspections we keep in contact with tenants. A good and close relationship with tenants creates reliable tenants.

  • Inspections occur at the start and end of tenancies, and every three months otherwise.

  • We provide a report advising the current condition of the property and any maintenance issues.

icon advertising and marketing
  • Advertising and Marketing

  • We utilize our Max Property Management website and other internet listings, a "for rent" sign if appropriate, open homes, and database searches of potential tenants, so you get maximum coverage

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icon best returns
  • Best Returns

  • We aim to have no vacancies and there is zero tolerance on rental arrears. We use specialized residential property management software to track incoming rent. This leads to maximal returns for your rental property.

  • We get the best tenant for you and your property by using a thorough tenant screening process. This means there is good continuity of renting and less tenant turnover.

icon repairs and maintenance
  • Repairs & Maintenance

  • We select reputable, experienced and well-priced tradespeople.

  • Generally we do not charge  a commission on repairs.

  • We manage the repairs and maintenance ensuring the best decision is made therefore minimising costs.

icon tenant screening
  • Tenant Screening & Applications

  • We have a strict screening process for tenants (credit check, reference checks).

  • Completion of forms and contracts (tenancy, bond, tenancy renewal).

  • Bond collection.

icon easy accounting
  • Easy Accounting

  • We use industry standard residential property management software.

  • Max Property Management’s commission and any other costs will be deducted from rent payments.

  • Statements are emailed directly to you at the end of every month providing income and expenditure reporting.

  • Year-end reports provide detailed information on cash flows and for tax returns.

Our Rates

Please contact us for a quote to manage your property or properties.

Owners FAQ for long term rentals

  • What is involved in using Max Property Management to manage my rental house?

    We take maximum car of your property to save you time and money. We carefully select the best possible tenants using a thorough selection procedure and ensure that market rent is achieved that is sustainable. Regular inspections are performed that identify maintenance issues. Repairs can be performed using our experienced tradespeople or through the use of your preferred tradespeople. We aim for 0% vacancy.

    We can take of all of the following for your property:

    • Performing a rental assessment for your property
    • Finding quality tenants
    • Completion of tenancy agreements with any special conditions as required
    • Bond lodgment and refunds
    • Collection of rent, and chasing late payments if they occur
    • Three-monthly inspections, or more frequent if necessary
    • Managing repairs and maintenance
    • Keeping accurate accounts
    • Attendance at Mediation hearings and Tenancy Tribunal when needed
    • Disbursement of rent minus repairs and fees twice monthly
    • Monthly statements and year-end statements for accounting
  • Will I lose control of my property when using a property manager?

    Absolutely not. We are flexible in our approach and you can be involved as little or as much as you like.

  • How much does it cost to have my property managed by you?

    Our fees are competitive compared to other property management companies, especially given that we do not charge a commission for maintenance. Management fees are a tax deductible expense. Please contact us for a quote.

  • How do you find tenants?

    We advertise in several places depending on the property. These include Max Property Management website, www.trademe.co.nz, www.Realestate.co.nz, and in printed media. We have a database of quality tenants who are looking for a house and we may not need to advertise.

  • How do you vet prospective tenants?

    Finding the right tenant for your investment property is one of the cornerstones of property management and we take maximum care over it. We look for tenants that have the ability to pay the rent and to maintain the property to a high standard. All prospective tenants must complete an application form. We also talk to references with previous / current landlords and employers and conduct credit checks. If we are happy with the results, we then offer our tenant recommendation to you complete with terms and conditions of the tenancy for your approval.

  • How much bond do you ask for?

    Typically we ask for 4 weeks of bond.

  • What about insurance?

    At a minimum you need to ensure the house is insured and you must inform your insurance company that the house is to be rented to tenants. Some policies included a loss of rent coverage; some do not, so ensure that the coverage for loss of rent meets your requirements. If your house is furnished you may also need contents insurance. We recommend to all tenants that they take out contents insurance.

  • When do I receive my rent?

    Rent disbursements are performed twice monthly within two working days after the 15th, and two working days after the last day of the month. Note that December’s month-end disbursement can be delayed because of the number of holidays.

  • How are rent arrears handled?

    We have zero tolerance for rent arrears at Max Property Management. We monitor rent payments daily. We follow up all late rent payments in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act 1986.

  • I want to put my property on the market or use it again myself, what should I do?

    In this case please contact us as soon as possible. There are several procedural and statutory steps that must be taken depending on the circumstances.

  • How much notice do I have to give if I simply want the tenant to leave?

    For periodic tenancies, 90-days’ notice must be given. For fixed-term tenancies, the tenant has the right to remain in the property until the fixed-term expires, but they can relinquish this right if they consent to.

  • How often do you inspect properties?

    We inspect a property one month after a tenant moves in and every three months thereafter.  We provide you with a report after each inspection. Before a tenant moves in and when they move out we conduct detailed property inspections to ensure the property is maintained to a high standard and that tenants pay for any damage that is caused by them beyond reasonable wear and tear.  We take photographs of the property and list all chattels before and after each lease agreement period so we have an indepth record of the condition of your property.

  • Do you charge for maintenance?

    Typically we do not charge a comission for co-ordinating maintenance work.

  • What do I do about the lawns and gardens?

    Lawns and gardens are to be kept in a reasonable condition by the tenants. If your property has a large section it may be need to have a prune/spruce up annually. If your garden has special features, it may be best for us to organise a gardener and include gardening in the rent paid by tenants. We are strict about regular garden maintenance as street appearance is important.

  • What standard of cleanliness can I expect when a tenant vacates my property?

    Tenants are required to leave a property in a reasonably clean and tidy condition. We set expectations with the exiting tenants early in the exit process and we engage a commercial cleaning service at the tenant’s expense if needed.

    However, do note that by law a vacating tenant is only required to leave a property “reasonably clean and tidy”. This is a very vague term, but does not automatically mean that your property will be left in a pristine condition, and so additional cleaning may be required to re-tenant. A good tenant who moves into an immaculate property will often leave it in the same way, but if they do not, and it is only “what a reasonable person would consider reasonable to be”, then some additional cleaning will be needed at the property owner’s expense to ensure a good replacement tenant can be found.

    A property which is spotless inside with spotless windows, clean curtains, and taps glistening will generally rent faster and attract a better tenant than one which is not. If a property needs cleaning before tenanting, we can arrange this on your behalf.

  • What keys should I provide?

    We ask that the owner provide two full sets of keys for all locks on the property, and one additional key to the front door for every adult tenant. One full set of keys will be retained by Max Property Management as a spare set.

  • Do I need to provide a working smoke alarm?

    Smoke alarms are inexpensive, they save lives, and protect your investment. If your rental property does not have them, then we will arrange for suitable battery powered smoke alarms to be fitted. Our property managers test them periodically to ensure that they are in working condition. It is recommended that smoke alarms are installed within three metres of a door to all bedrooms. Note that all new smoke alarms that we install have long life batteries as this is now required by law.


Max Property Management managed our rental property for us whilst we were overseas. Andy was a pleasure to deal with in all aspects of the property, communicating with us in a timely and clear fashion, and we had great confidence that our property was well managed. In addition, Andy also managed some of our earthquake repairs, coordinating with contractors etc., and again this was both reassuring and went very well. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending MAX to anyone seeking property management services that are professional and responsive, and in which you can have full trust and confidence.

- Mark Newsome

Rachel and her team are quite simply fantastic. They are personable and professional and they care for our house as if it was their own which gives us total peace of mind. One of the best decisions we ever made was to ask Max Property Management to look after our property.

- Lisa Tonkin

We engaged the services of Max Property for more than 2 years and during that time found them great to deal with. They were just a phone call away if we wanted them and they kept us informed of all issues affecting our property. If things needed fixing then they were organised, quick and professional. We would have no hesitation in using their services again and would be happy to recommend them.

- Kathy and Bill Cowan

Just a quick email to thank you and your team for the wonderful job you did renting our house. Could not believe how easy you made it especially how fast and efficiently you resolved  issues with tenants and the house. We would be more than happy to recommend you to any other prospective clients. The house was in sparkling condition when we took it over at the end of the rental period and we were really thrilled. We feel we were really lucky to find you.

- Joanna Hegarty

Rachel and Team
A huge thank you for looking after our rental - you are an exceptional team timely in communication, efficient, certainly looking after your clients!
It's been a pleasure to be with you for 3 years and you've made our lives easier!
We appreciate you all!

- B and L W